Intercultural Expressions Concert

CUCOS Chinese Instrument division will be participating in this year’s Intercultural Expressions Concert presented by the Centre for Intercultural Musicology at Churchill College.

6 pm 23rd April (Tuesday)
Recital Room
Churchill College, Cambridge

Concert tickets: £5 / £3, available at the door

CUCOS will be performing in Act III

Czardas by Vittorio Monti
Kok Foong Lee (Erhu – fiddle)
Kok Foong Lee plays an erhu adaptation of Vittorio Monti’s Hungarian dance for violin. The conductor of CUCOS, Kok Foong was a prize winner in the Malaysian National Chinese Orchestra Solo Competition in 2009. He is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at Queens’ College.

Ming Mountain by Wang Zhongshan
Aylwin Low (Guzheng – zither)
Alwyn, a chemical engineering student at Fitzwilliam College, was one of the top three winners in the Guzheng Solo National Chinese Music Competition organized by the Singapore National Arts Council.

Beautiful Africa by Yu Qingzhu
Chi-Chen Wang (Yangqin – dulcimer)
Chi-Chen Wang is a MA Music Therapy student at Anglia Ruskin University. A skillful yangqin player, Chi-Chen was a special education teacher at a primary school in Taiwan. ‘Beautiful Africa’ portrays the vast wilderness of the savannah and warmth of the African people.
Chrysanthemum Terrace by Jay Chou
CUCOS Ensemble
The CUCOS ENSEMBLE plays the work of Jay Chou, a talented Taiwanese composer who successfully integrates Western musical elements with Chinese literature and musical traditions in his compositions. The piece portrays the chrysanthemum as a metaphor for love.

For more information, contact
Moira Cox
Churchill Music Society
Valerie Ross

For descriptions and playlist, see attached pdf programme.

CIMACC Concert Programme 23 April Churchill College