Ready to start anew!

The Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society (CUCOS) is delighted to welcome all new joiners for another exciting year! We are passionate about Chinese music and perform Chinese music in great venues with all Chinese/western instruments. We have two orchestras- CID (Chinese Instrument Division), and WID (Western Instrument Division). We look for ALL instrument players from any background that shares a passion/interest for Chinese music! (No age/university/school restrictions!)

Upcoming Events 2012-2013:
West Road Annual Concert
8pm Sunday, 24th February, 2013
West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge

Michaelhouse Café Music Festival Concert
Saturday, 11th May, 2013
St. Michaels Church, Trinity Street, Cambridge Please find us in the Cambridge University Fresher’s Fair on Tuesday 2nd – Wednesday 3rd October, 2012.

To join the orchestra mailing list contact:
Jingyi Liu (Deputy head of CID):
Xiaoyang Lu (Deputy head of WID):

For Further information contact:
Danny Onsiong (Head of CID):
Dan Zhao (Head of WID):