Interview in Classical Cambridge on Cambridge 105 Radio, 18 Feb 2018. The interview begins from 55 minutes into the programme.

Some of our pieces are recorded and uploaded onto our YouTube account:

Annual Concert 2016

Festive Celebrations 載歌載舞慶佳節

Starry Night 星空

Hoping for Spring 望春風

The Butterfly Lovers 梁山伯與祝英台

Dae Jang Geum 大長今

Spring 春

Annual Concert 2015

San Shi Li Pu 三十里舖

Kavalan 噶瑪蘭

“Dream of the Red Chamber” Suite (Selection) 紅樓組曲(選段)

Childhood Memories 童年的回憶

Annual Concert 2013

Good news from Beijing 北京喜訊到邊寨

King of Western Chu 西楚霸王

The sun shines on Taxkorgen 陽光照耀著塔什庫爾干

Chrysanthemum Terrace 菊花台

The Butterfly Lovers

Radetzky March

The Qiao’s Grand Courtyard 喬家大院