CUCOS 10th Anniversary Concert: An Ode to the Mountains 山水吟


For the 10th anniversary of the Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society, we are back with our annual concert, An Ode to the Mountains. This year, we have brought together Western and Chinese instruments to feature in the same piece, for a brand new interpretation to a classical Chinese piece. Our repertoire includes:

* Spring Festival Overture (春节序曲)
* Yellow River Piano Concerto (黄河钢琴协奏曲)
* Harvest Festival (丰年祭)
* Amis’ Dance (阿美族舞曲)
* The Great Wall Capriccio (长城随想曲)
… among other pieces by soloists and ensembles around the UK.

Join us for an enjoyable night of contemporary and traditional Oriental music. We are sure that you will have a relaxing experience with our music!

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CUCOS 2017

The end of the Freshers’ Fair marks the beginning of a new year. To all new students, welcome to Cambridge; and to all returning students, welcome back!

This year CUCOS will continue to hold our annual concert. This year our concert will be on Sunday, 5th of March (Week 7 Lent). We will also be performing at some other occasions, like the Chinese New Year Gala, so stay tuned for more updates.

Wish you all a successful year ahead!

Presenting the CUCOS 2016 Annual Concert: 春 (Spring)

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

CUCOS Concert website image

The Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society is going to hold its annual concert, 春 (Spring) at the West Road Concert Hall on Sunday, March 13th, at 7.30 pm. This year our Chinese and Western instrument divisions will be bringing you a refreshing repertoire of traditional and contemporary oriental music, including:

  • Spring (春)
  • Gazing into the spring wind (望春风)
  • Starry night (星空)
  • Dae Jang Geum (大长今)
  • Summer
  • Czardas

…and featuring several talented soloists from around the UK!

Join us for a night of relaxing music and enjoy a sweet dream in the fragrance of blossoms and warm spring winds!

Ticket are priced at £6.50 for students, £8.00 for standard, and £12.00 for VIP seats.

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2015 Annual Concerts – Tale of A Wanderer 游子吟

Want to learn more about Chinese culture and music? Tired of lectures and supervisions?  
Here comes our CUCOS Annual Concert, 1st March 2015 at West Road Concert Hall
This year, we are delighted to have Warwick Chinese Orchestra to join us. 
It will be a fantastic night!
 Memory of Childhood (童年的回忆)
 Dream of the Red Chamber (红楼梦)
 Dance of the Yao (瑶族舞曲)
 Song of Midu Mountain (弥渡山歌)

 Princess Mononoke (幽灵公主)by Warwick Chinese Orchestra